About Gypsy Jazz

The style known today as “Gypsy Jazz” originated in Paris in the 1930’s, when the legendary guitarist, Django Reinhardt, and violinist Stephane Grappelli, formed the “Quintette du Hot Club de France”.

The style is characterised by its emphasis on the guitar as a featured instrument, both as a soloist instrument and as part of the rhythm section.

“Hot Clubs” have been forming all over the world to pay tribute to the legacy left by Django and Grappelli. These musicians often meet at annual ‘Gypsy Jazz Festivals’, such as the ‘Festival Django Reinhardt’ in Fontainebleau, France, and ‘Django in June’, in New York.

About Hot Club d'Afrique

Hot Club d’Afrique is an all-acoustic Gypsy Jazz quartet from Johannesburg, South Africa. The quartet takes it’s name and style from the original “Quintette du Hot Club de France”.

Hot Club d’Afrique is comprised of Kevin Drummond on lead guitar, Theodora Drummond on accordion, Katharina van der Walt on bass and vocals, and Frances van der Walt on violin, rhythm guitar, and backing vocals.

The band has been playing together as a quartet since 2011, and has performed at various weddings, corporate functions, special events, festivals, markets, and birthday parties – ranging from 21sts to 90ths.